Audio Engeenering Components


The AEC Control Center C11M – for untailored naturalness and
uncolored transparency, for maximum audio resolution

  • Directness, a minimum of circuit involvement to eliminate aural degradation. Exceptionally stable and broad signal bandwidth – 5 Hz to over 500,000 Hz. Articulate RIAA reproduction, exacting tolerances to insure proper phono response.
  • High output discrete amplifiers to permit interfacing with any power amplifier.
  • Headroom– phono overload capability to handle the most massive passages.
  • No degrading compensation networks, filters or NONESSENTIAL functions.
  • Selective impedance matching for a maximum of signal transfer efficiency with a minimum of distortion. A new evaluation technique based on the Dynamic Measurement Program – a far more discerning test than either T.H.D. or I.M. alone. Better than computer grade parts. Fully balanced circuitry for optimum signal to noise ratio as well as dynamic range.
  • Precision parts in a non-feed-back circuit. 24k Gold-plated Military specification glass-epoxy (G10) printed circuit board.

The result is the highest audio resolution ever. The articulate tight sound of music unveiled and clear, possible through elegantly simple circuit design. Directness, purity, and high resolution, without the harshness associated with solid state devices.