The 2003 CES and T.H.E. SHOW

The Best Character at the Show, and someone I am truly glad to see back in the audio world after about a couple of decades of absence, is the unique, outspoken Jim Bongiorno. Quoth he: „Nobody knows what they’re doing.“ Typical, unexpurgated Bongiorno, and as feisty as ever. It was especially good to see him back in action considering his protracted battle with liver cancer during his absence. Miracles happen. Bongiorno was a protege of Sidney Smith of Marantz, and went on to design the Dynaco Stereo 400 and the Ampzilla and early Sumo amplifiers. (I lived happily with a Sumo Half-Power for a number of years before going all-tubed.) Jim, through his company Spread Spectrum Technologies, has introduced a new amp called the Ampzilla 2000, being demonstrated in the VMPS room. It features five-ounce plated-up four-layer circuit boards, and according to his literature, which is so typically Bongiorno, it has „complete stability into any load known by man“. Jim, a believer in three-channel sound, has a three-channel processor that he says has been 25 years in the making. It’s truly great to see you back, Jim. Jim is pictured here in all his sartorial splendor.

by Dave Glackin

the absolute sound: Ampzilla