Audio Engeenering Components


The Power Line C-23 and C-24 are simple, beautiful, practical power amplifiers.

With eight ohm loads, the C-24 will deliver fifty watts per channel of pure, undistorted sound in Class A mode, or 80 watts in A/B mode in the C-23.

With four ohm loads, the Power Line C-23 will deliver up to 150 watts per channel, or 80 in the C-24.

The Power Line C-24 also converts instantly to mono (and back to stereo). With two of them, you could enjoy the stereo sound of 180 watts per channel into 8 ohm loads, in pure Class-A mode.

But big power was not our reason for building the Power Line C-23 and C-24. If big power is your criteria for an amplifier, may we suggest you investigate the C-22, the choice of many professionals, or the newer, even more powerful C-21.

Distortion-free home listening

The Power Line C-23 and C-24 are intended to function in medium power systems with high signal reproduction quality. Its designers therefore, have selected alternatively pure Class-A and AB circuit design. This concept has been proven in a number of amplifier designs to optimize linearity for the rated output range of the Power Line C-23 or C-24. It is also a cost efficient circuit design, enabling AEC engineers to easily meet the value objectives for the Power Line C-23 and C-24.

One very good reason for the excellence of sonic performance of the Power Line C-23 and C-24 is a test unit, the DMS, which analyzes the output transistors on all AEC amps. The test provides not just a “go/no-go” type of quality control test but a detailed analysis of the operating area of the output device.

Each AEC output device – and AEC has tested thousands of them – has been mapped on the DMS and the results of many years of testing have been encoded for our computer. As a result, AEC engineers can accurately compute an optimum circuit design for a particular output device, with a minimum number of electrical components. The optimum circuit will provide maximum utilization of the device capabilities with a minimum circuit. In audio circuit design, least is best.

You benefit directly from this because you get a truly distinguished amplifier for your system at an affordable cost.

Precision control

The exterior of the AEC Power Line reflects the simplicity of the circuit design.

There is, of course, a power on/off switch, with associated LED, but otherwise a pure straight-forward design exemplifying the mythical “piece of wire with gain” principle.

Consider – carefully – the specifications listed for the Power Line C-23 and C-24 in which AEC have crafted unique components. Distortion of all kinds is simply not audible. Try your most demanding record on a system which includes a Power Line C-23 and C-24. You may well hear subtle overtones, nuances that just weren’t obvious before. You may discover that the Power Line C-23 or C-24 is the only acceptable companion for the C-12 Control Center.