Audio Engeenering Components


The AEC C-12 preamp and the AEC C-23 power amp were

designed to work together.

It is no accident that you get minimum distortion – pure music – from their combination, plus all the power needed for most hi-fi speakers.

Think about the combination as an integrated amp, at least until you get ready to expand your system. Unlike single-unit integrated amps, the AEC combination is an expandable unit that forms a strong foundation for whatever ultimate system you may have in mind. You may never outgrow its specs.

As an integrated amp, the combination provides 80 watts per channel minimum RMS (both channels operating) into an 8 ohm load over a bandwidth of 1Hz to 20kHz at a rated sum total harmonic distortion of less than 0.05% of the fundamental output voltage for pure music reproduction. The combination provides full control of music, including the circuitry for balancing the output stage and thereby quadrupling the output via two power amps.

It provides repeatable input level attenuation over a 58dB range, includes patented protection circuits, guarding the amp against shorted, reactive, mismatched, open or unusual loads. You can drive any speaker or speaker combination with the C-12/C-23 combination for as long as you care to listen.

Naturally, the combination is covered by a full seven years warranty. For this warranty period, AEC will pay for all parts that do not work, all repair labour and one-way shipping costs from your home to the nearest AEC Warranty Service Station.

The AEC Control Center C-12 and the C-23 power amplifier were designed for very special persons, who delight in accurate sound reproduction. Who want to be aware of the softest notes, and to clearly identify each instrument in a bright, vibrant passage. They are designed for persons who persist in evaluating new components, trying to reproduce the ambience of the concert hall. When such persons assemble a system that satisfies, they are content to listen, and enjoy.

You may have had experience with several sophisticated systems, or you may be considering your first high-quality component system. In either case, you probably feel the need for some improvement in your system. We think the Control Center C-12 and C-23 combination will provide that improvement.

You will first of all, be pleased at the smart, professional appearance they will add to your audio system. But your greatest enjoyment will surely come from the unusual sonic accuracy of these units. The C-12 and C-23 are acoustically as transparent as can be imagined. The technology that makes this possible is detailed for you in this brochure.

If you are at all familiar with international components, the AEC name should be your ultimate assurance of quality and reliability. For over 25 years, AEC has been designing and building state-of-the-art audio components at ist premises. You and your friends may already know the reputation AEC built with test equipment. All of that experience, that dedication to quality, is available to you in the C-12 and C-23.

We don‘t have to say much about their simplicity and ease of operation. A brief look at the front panels will demonstrate that. All the basic controls you need to create – and monitor – fine quality sound are available on the C-12/C-23.

Both the C-12 and the C-23 are also available with a satinized aluminium front panel to match other AEC products.

You’ll have to prove the quality of their sound to your own satisfaction. Examine the specifications carefully; compare them with other brands you know and respect. Then listen to them. Your AEC dealer’s showroom would be a good place to do that. Or maybe you have a friend who already owns one or both of these AEC components.

Both the C-12 and the C-23 are fully warranted by AEC for seven years after purchase. If these units do not function according to specification, AEC will provide parts or labour needed to repair the unit. AEC will also pay for one-way shipping of the unit to the nearest warranty repair station. We’ll even furnish a new shipping container if you’ve lost the original.

That’s an unusual warranty, and we give you an unusual warranty certificate – the AEC Care Card. It’s a wallet sized card, imprinted with your name, the product model number and serial number and the expiration date of your warranty. It identifies you, and your unit, should you ever require service. It’s also a constant reminder that you have purchased components which represent a significantly better value for your dollars – components engineered and built to meet your need for reliable high-fidelity music reproduction. We hope you decide to enjoy the AEC C-12 and C-23 in your system.

The circuit technology used in the C-12 is best described in the name AEC has chosen for the unit. With all controls set flat, the signal proceeds through the circuit in a straight line. The controls are all accessory to the main circuit line, and the signal is diverted through them only when they are called for by the user. The improvement in distortion-free operation is significant.