Audio Engeenering Components

The persistent, unstinting effort and expense required to develop, evaluate, test and revise the final product until it represents the pinnacle of quality and performance, is more than most organizations are willing to risk. Very, very few earn and keep such privileged status year after year.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, in plants near Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana, Erret Cord sponsored the production of a series of automobiles that have never been equalled in their approaches to design, performance, and quality. These cars embodied a nearly perfect combination of technology and effect, of material and form. Many of the innovative Cords, sleek Auburns, and elegant Dusenbergs crafted under Erret Cord’s direction during the Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression still exist, and can still be driven. And despite the intervening years, they still represent the highest examples of the automaker’s art.

Very, very few names earn and keep such privileged status year after year. The persistent, unstinting effort and expense required to develop, evaluate, test and revise the final product until it represents the pinnacle of quality and performance, is more than most organizations are willing to risk.

This approach, however, provides more to its few followers than recognition and success in an occasional exclusive market. The process of doing something extremely well becomes as much a goal as the outside success it may generate.

At AEC, that sort of approach has produced audio equipment uniquely combining the possibilities of technology with the demands of the music. Always supremely functional, AEC audio designs have consistently pressed forward the development of the audio system in its movement from a temperamental and fragile hobbyist collage, to the precisely crafted components of the new millennium.

As other areas of technology move forward, AEC is already there.

The products that establish and maintain a distinctive character require both the best of materials and the best of designs. The Hundreds of individual items used by AEC undergo exhaustive testing and analysis before they become a part of the AEC tradition of excellence. In pursuit of this standard, it has frequently become necessary for AEC to design and built test equipment able to go beyond commercially available instruments in terms of accuracy and analytical detail. Also in the course of this effort, AEC became one of the first audio companies to use computer-aided design techniques – not to make the design process easier, but to allow AEC engineers freedom to explore more thoroughly new avenues of design. In AEC components these efforts have blended the essential elements of value: performance, appearance, and endurance.

AEC amplifiers also appear in recording studio monitor systems. The reason? In that environment the sound must be accurate – precisely faithful to the original. The AEC design goal has been that the amplifier introduce no effect on the sound unless the user chooses to add an effect. Experienced recording engineers understand the value of perfectly realistic performance – and select AEC.

The slim, elegant appearance of AEC audio equipment has come into existence with the same detailed attention as the audio circuits. Like the electronic parts in the smallest details of performance, the visible parts of the design undergo evaluation and revision again and again. The balance, the contribution of shape and size, the finishes, and ultimately the visual effect of the finished AEC system in its intended setting, all come under the scrutiny of the designers until exactly the right appearance is achieved.

True value includes an element of time. Performance and beauty today find confirmation in performance and beauty tomorrow. An item that keeps its value past the present expresses by that fact the widespread appreciation of its quality and its qualities. The few AEC components that appear for sale by owners command prices surprisingly close to the original price, and are quickly purchased. And in markets where yesterday’s product often can no longer be found, let alone fixed when necessary, AEC unhesitatingly provides a full 7-year warranty on each component. For a modest amount an additional 3-year service contract can be purchased. Like the elegant coach work and exhilarating performance of Erret Cord’s automobiles, the design of AEC audio components always has the long term value of the investment in full view.

Beyond Digital-Ready

AEC has always designed beyond the present limitations of audio material in order to give the user a performance reserve. This reserve insures that the system will not restrict the music source.

AEC preamps use precision gain controls to actually improve the signal-to-noise performance as system gain is reduced. Extremely low-noise circuitry is used throughout AEC equipment to provide the best possible performance at the lower limit of the dynamic range of the system. This is as much a matter of intelligent, painstaking engineering, as it is a benefit of new technology.

At the upper end of the signal range, at maximum point, AEC’s superbly regulated power supplies prevent distortion from prolonged high level signals and difficult (but common) load conditions. The overall audio transfer function is the most accurate available.

The result? In response to the more rigorous demands of digital audio source material, AEC amplifiers provide a minimum of 20dB of headroom beyond the best studio digital systems. AEC amplifier distortion (of all kinds) falls orders of magnitude below commercial digital systems. And AEC systems still impose no limits on the music.