ESS „sound as clear as light“ loudspeaker systems

A line that has received world-wide acclaim for advancing loudspeaker technology through use of the unprecedented ESS Heil air-motion transformer, the first advance in loudspeaker design in fifty years.
The ESS Heil air-motion transformer, developed and perfected by physicist Dr. Oscar Heil, is without equal in accurate sound production and destined to become the loudspeaker of the future. By discarding bankrupt concepts rooted in past technology and employing deeper insight into laws of physics overlooked in the design of conventional loudspeakers, the ESS Heil air-motion transformer approaches the theoretical limits of perfect sound production. „Listener fatigue“, that gradual exhaustion and growing sense of irritation as the ear reacts to subtle distortions of frequency in complex tones, is so negligible that it dispels the usual loudspeaker equation – loudness equals pain.
Now the unmatched performance of the ESS Heil air-motion transformer is available in a wide range of superbly engineered speaker systems from ESS. Each model achieves a level of accuracy that sets it light years ahead of the industry. You can be confident that an ESS speaker system of any size and price range will remain the standard of comparison for years to come.