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Bullet Technologies was formed in 2000. The company quickly catapulted into visibility at the leading edge of the audio/video connector industry with products such as the BulletPlug®, Bayonet Plug™ and CablePod™, and later cables and interconnects. These products had several important things in common. They were highly innovative and unique – often described as „groundbreaking“. They brought a whole new level of resolution to reproduced music and high quality video, and they were all designed and manufactured in Australia.


»Electron Flow Enhancement“ Cable System from Bullet Technologies International.«

Australian inventor Keith Eichmann has developed what he believes is a giant leap forward in cable technology for Hi-Fi and Home Theater applications.

The cable system is based on Keith Eichmann’s ”electron flow enhancement“ theories where every aspect of electron movement has been considered – from wall socket to loudspeaker.

Three patent-pending inventions are involved in the system:

– Conductor Ratio formula for cables

– Bullet Plug® connector for termination

– AC Enhancing Cable

The Conductor Ratio formula

The patent-pending formula is a ratio between the signal and return conductors of a cable, where the return has greater cross sectional area and mass than the signal.
When the Conductor Ratio formula is applied to cables, the resistance (due to increased mass) of the return is significantly lower than that of the signal – thereby providing a faster pathway for electrons to travel.
This is reflected when applying Ohm’s Law (V = I x R where V = voltage, I = current and R = resistance) to the return conductor of a 2-core cable.

If the voltage remains constant and resistance is lowered – then current (eg. electron flow) must increase.
“The magic is in the ratio,” says inventor, audiophile and wire wizard Keith Eichmann, “which we believe essentially solves the problems of reactance (inductive and capacitive) and skin effect.”
The ratio involves a highly precise variation in diameter between signal and return conductors, the return having a greater cross sectional area and mass than the signal wire.

“Electronic theory suggests that both conductors of a 2-core cable (such as figure-eight cable) should be the same size and mass,” explains Eichmann. “The ratio minimizes reactance and skin effect problems by forcing the return conductor to respond more rapidly to signals transmitted through the signal conductor.
This provides a balance of reactance and a control of skin effect to the extent that all frequencies appear to have a uniform speed and arrival time, analogous to the effect of wind on a speeding bullet. The faster the bullet, the less influence wind has on its movement.

“The result,” claims Eichmann, “is dramatically cleaner signal transfer, which translates to improved sound and image quality when applied to analogue and digital cables for audio/video applications. Cables incorporating the ratio provide superior performance in all systems – tube or solid state, analogue or digital.”
Bullet Technologies guarantees that signal and return wire diameters are held rigidly to a tolerance of .005mm, ensuring that a conductor pair reflecting the Eichmann Ratio will perform as designed.

Electro-Magnetic-Field (EMF) Buffer

In the eXpress 4, Bullet Technologies reduces electro-Magnetic-Field (EMF) interaction and crosstalk between the signal carrying conductors – by installing a set of passive buffer conductors between the signal and return.
In the eXpress 6, an additional set of passive buffers is used outside the signal carrying conductors. This provides a further degree of protection and shielding. The result with both designs is cleaner signal transfer, and a level of sound quality previously only found in expensive high-end cables.