Bullet Plug® connector

The Bullet Plug® connector is a totally new approach to RCA/phono connection where every aspect of electron flow has been considered.
The result is an RCA compatible connector that can improve the performance of any analogue, digital or video cable – often dramatically.

The cables most people use are made from high-conductive, annealed copper or silver wires – terminated with low-conductive, gold-plated brass RCA plugs.

Annealed copper has a conductivity rating of at least 100 % IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). Brass has a conductivity rating of 28 % IACS. Because of this low conductivity, Keith Eichmann believes brass RCA plugs act (metaphorically speaking) as a bottleneck to electron flow. Brass plugs may also cause phase errors and smearing through mass and skin effect.

Another problem is the return/ground collar – which can impair electron flow through eddy current and capacitive distortion. Additionally, RCA plugs are coaxial designs (metal return/ground surrounding signal pin) that have an impedance effect. This impedance can have a varied and adverse impact on performance.

The solution

The new Bullet Plug® connector solves the many problems associated with standard and audiophile grade RCA plugs.
To achieve this the Bullet Plug® is designed as a miniature cable – with high-conductive, gold-plated tellurium copper (CuTe) pins providing a better transfer of electrons to/from RCA sockets. The return pin of the Bullet Plug® makes single point contact with the side wall of an RCA socket – concentrating electrons to one point therby reducing distortion. This is a similar approach to ”star earthing“ used in amplifiers.
The result is the closest approach to no plug at all.