Bullet Plug® goes silver

Following widespread acclaim of the Bullet Plug® RCA connector, Australian Company Bullet Technologies announce the launch of the new ”pure silver“ contact pin version of the plug.

The Bullet Plug® connector is the first major change to the RCA plug design in fifty years, where the return or ground collar (designed to surround and make contact an RCA female socket) is replaced with a small high conductive ”tellurium copper“ pin – that makes contact with the side wall of an RCA socket.

According to Rob Woodland from Bullet Technologies, the result when using the Bullet Plug® connector is better sound for audio and digital cables, and improved vision for video cables.

The new ”Silver“ Bullet Plug® provides further performance enhancement of the Bullet Plug design through the use of solid silver contact pins.

”The pins are precision machined from hard drawn 4-nines pure silver and then treated with an antioxidation preserving fluid rather than gold or silver plate“, said Woodland.

”The manufacturing process is time consuming and expensive, but the results are worth it, as many believe the silver Bullet Plug to be the finest RCA connector available in the world.“

The silver Bullet Plug® is an ideal connector for silver cables, or any other cable that will benefit from a high-performance connector upgrade.