AC Enhancing Cable

The choice of AC power cable can have a dramatic effect on the sound and image quality of an audio and home theater system. AC cables play a big part in controlling RFI, EMI – and their associated resonances, together with other harmonic resonances that are carried with AC power.

Some AC noise solutions include filters, conditioners and surge protection that may reduce noise, but in some instances may also compromise detail and clarity.

The new eXpress TM Power AC Enhancing Cable is different … and better.

The eXpress TM incorporates a new patent-pending invention that provides an enhanced voltage and current flow to the power supply of an attached component. The result is better performance for any connected component.
And because there are no capacitors or other electronic components in the design, the eXpress TM Power AC Enhancing Cable features a high current capacity to suit the most demanding amplifiers or systems.

The result is:

– Improved clarity and detail

– Reduction in grain and background noise

– Enhanced rhythmical drive and bass control

For ultimate performance use one eXpress TM Power AC Enhancing Cable per component. Alternatively, one cable can feed the eXpress TM Power Strip to power an entire system.

The newest member in our cable family:

the eXpress 2 – the essence of our Cable Ratio technology