As the company’s first offering in the realm of integrated amplifiers, the Musical Technology M270 is the beneficiary of experience gained in the design of reference-quality preamplifiers and power amplifiers. Rather than approach the effort with the attitude of compromise and capitulation, the challenge from the outset was clearly to design the best performance within a given power range available in any configuration. That we chose to do so as a single chassis integrated amplifier allowed us to truly optimize the enhancements this approach affords.

Eliminated are component interface concerns; the variables of intercomponent connection, cables, connectors, and the resulting resistive, inductive and capacitive reactances — all replaced by transparent control and seamless integration of function. The M270 utilizes carefully matched voltage and current gain stages, which operate in sympathy with dedicated, predictable, and known parameters. And a shorter more direct signal path lends a sense of immediacy and honesty to music’s reproduction.

The MOSFET output stage is identical to that found in the Musical Technology M7S power amplifier. MOSFETs have long been praised for their desirable musical qualities; and due to intrinsic thermal stability and immunity to secondary breakdown, they require no protection or current limiting in the signal path. Fed by an oversized power supply the M270 delivers the current necessary to effortlessly drive any kind of loudspeaker, from low impedance designs to the most demanding electrostatics. A high damping factor ensures excellent control of LF speakers, and consequently rocksolid, yet articulate bass reproduction.

The driver circuit is formed by two fully complementary cascode class A transistor stages, each with its own local feedback, yielding excellent linearity and extended bandwidth. The power stage is biased pure class A (more than 1A on the load) at normal listening levels, thus improving the quality and definition of sound. Components have been carefully selected for sonic performance and reliability. A handsome chassis of anodized brushed aluminium, first rate mechanical integrity, and two massive black anodized heat sinks ensure reliability and steady performance, even after hundreds of hours of play.

The M270 is a statement design. Most importantly it is a warm and faithful reproducer of music. The elegance of simplicity or the artistry of technology, either way the M270 renders musical shadings and nuance with an honesty that must be heard to be appreciated.


Power Output 8 Ohms (nominal): greater than 70W per channel

Power Output 4 Ohms (nominal): greater than 110W per channel

Frequency response (-3 dB): 2 Hz – 150 kHz

Sensitivity and input impedance 200 mV/20kOhm

Harmonic distortion > 80 dB

S/N Ratio < 70 Damping factor > 80 dB

Output stage 4 selected power MOSFETs each channel

Power supply 380W toroidal transformer with separate secondaries, 40,000 µF total capacitance

Dimensions: 43,5cm (W) x 8,5cm (H) x 35,5cm (D)

Weight: 11 kg