two completely independent mono preamplifiers

The Musical Technology C-1 Line Preamplifier takes the concept of sonic purity to its logical extension. Consisting of two completely independent mono preamplifiers it achieves absolute channel separation; and isolates brute force power supply components from delicate control circuitry by housing each in a separate chassis. This approach eliminates crosstalk and induced noise, reduces hum, and ensures purity of function. The power supply components — transformers, filament supply circuits, pre-regulated plate supplies — are more reminiscent of those found in an uncompromised power amplifier design than those of a low level component.

No transistor or FET is used in the audio circuit. The input signal is amplified by a cascode circuit which feeds a ”push-pull” follower. With total feedback of only 6 dB the designer has achieved extended bandwidth, high intrinsic linearity, low distortion, and low output impedance.

Power supply regulation in the C-1 is effective within a 10% variation of the voltage at the AC mains without serious sonic degradation. Plate voltage has been filtered via a passive double p LC network, with a total capacity of 1100 µF per channel, more expensive but sonically superior to the typical discrete regulated power supply. The tube filament supply is highly regulated in order to minimize noise.

To realize the full potential of this design the C-1 uses the best components available for each application. Resistors, capacitors, vacuum tubes, and controls have been selected on the basis of sonic quality and reliability. Truth to the source and sonic purity have been the goals of this design from the outset. Tape monitor switching and balance control operation have been eliminated and there is only one decoupling capacitor in the entire signal path. Low output impedance makes the C-1 compatible with all power amplifiers or electronic crossovers and allows the use of very long, even highly capacitive, interconnects.

Countless hours of auditioning by a team of musicians and skilled listeners have helped the designers deliver a very relaxed, natural presentation of music. The result of all these efforts is an eloquent expression of timeless value with alluring qualities, one that combines the natural sound of a vacuum tube preamplifier with the authority, speed, and detail of solid state.


Gain 24 dB

Phase Inverting

Frequency response 2 Hz – 200 kHz, -3 dB

Distortion < 0.05% @ 1 Volt RMS out S/N Ratio > 90 dB @ 1 Volt RMS out

Input impedance > 50 KOhm

Output impedance < 200 Ohm @ 10 kHz Maximum Output Voltage 70 Volts peak (50 Volts RMS) Dimensions (connectors inc.) Pre: 46cm (W) x 6cm (H) x 27cm (D), PSU: 46cm (W) x 6cm (H) x 27cm (D) Weight: 11 kg C1 DL as C1 with solid wood sides, premium quality components.