active crossover


Musical Technology’s complement of electronic crossovers has been designed to deliver nothing less than the highest possible audio performance.

They were born of an absolutist tradition, one that eschews complexity for the simplest circuits possible, where great attention is paid to the signal path, and where only the finest components are used, regardless of price. An absolute and unwavering quest for sonic purity has led to critical design choices – oversized dual mono power supplies, Linkwitz Riley 24 dB per octave filters for superior phase and amplitude response, Teflon insulated gold connectors, plastic film potentiometers, precision metal film resistors, and audiophile grade capacitors.

And where convenience and flexibility flew in the face of sonic purity, our designers chose the latter. Crossover frequency selections are made at board level, in the purest possible way, by inserting and changing precision capacitors and resistors. No soldering required; but also no needless array of fader controls, switches, and potentiometers to clutter and degrade sonic performance.

Musical Technology, a company whose covenant is ‘music for music’s sake’ offers absolute adherence to that philosophy in this quiet complement of electronic crossovers.


Highly filtered dual mono power supplies

Two and three-way designs

24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Rile filters as standard

Options include any 6, 12, 18, 24 dB/octave filters, with user specified frequencies Frequency by request

Single operational FET amplifier

Focused field low-hum transformers

Precision audiophile grade capacitors

Plastic film potentiometers

Teflon insulated gold plated connectors

1% metal film resistors

Gain:0 dB stan­dard
Fre­quency re­sponse2 Hz – 100 kHz
Har­monic dis­tor­tion:
S/N Ratio:>100 dB @ 1 Volt RMS out
Input im­ped­ance:> 50 KOhm
Out­put im­ped­ance:
Max­i­mum out­put Volt­age:10 Volts