The ATP8500Audio Video Preamp Processor is a truly unique product. More than
just a preamplifier, the ATP8500 is a complete control center. The ATP8500
allows the casual user or the most experienced custom installer the ability
to customize even the most complex installations. SAE has successfully
combined the purest sonic capabilities with the most advanced set of features/functions
in the industry. SAE is the first to incorporate a 5-inch color monitor
on the front panel to facilitate initial setup and future programming.
This onboard monitor previews most video sources including menus from
DSS systems. The ATP8500 also features balanced outputs and an AES/EBU
Digital Input for devices such as DAT players.

The ATP 8500 decodes Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic and DVD audio.
The ATP8500.1 adds Dolby EX, Dolby PL II, DTS
ES, DTS NEO6. Naturally, the ATP 8500 can also function as a high-end
stereo preamplifier, and the digital signal processing and conversion
can be bypassed. The 7.1 channel input is provided with comprehensive
volume control facitlities. This ensures that the ATP 8500 will remain
compatible with new multi-channel formats to appear in the future. Music
Surround Modes include: Natural; Jazz Club; Stadium and Party.


8500 Sur­round De­co­ding• Dolby Di­gi­tal
• Dolby Pro Logic
• DVD audio
8500.1 Sur­round De­co­ding

(in ad­di­ti­on to above)

• Dolby EX
• Dolby PL II
Ana­log Audio In­puts• 10 Ste­reo Pairs of RCA Type Jacks
• 2 Ba­lan­ced XLR For Di­rect
Ana­log By­pass
Di­gi­tal Audio In­puts• 4 Co­axi­al
• 2 Tos­link Op­ti­cal
Ana­log Audio Out­puts• 8 Ba­lan­ced XLR and 8 Sin­gle-en­ded RCA Type Jacks
• 1 Pair Se­cond
Zone RCA Type Jacks
Di­gi­tal Audio Out­puts• 1 Tos­link Op­ti­cal
Video In­puts• 6 Com­po­si­te RCA Type Jacks
• 6 S-Vi­deo Jacks
• 3 Sets of
Com­po­nent Video Pb, Pr, and Y Jacks with Full Com­po­nent Video Swit­ching Ca­pa­bi­li­ty
Video Out­puts• 1 Com­po­si­te Mo­ni­tor RCA Type Jack with On-Screen Dis­play
• 1 Com­po­si­te Mo­ni­tor RCA Type Jack (No On-Screen Dis­play)
• 1 S-Vi­deo
Mo­ni­tor Jack with On-Screen Dis­play
• 1 S-Vi­deo Mo­ni­tor Jack (No On-Screen Dis­play)
• 1 Set of Com­po­nent Video Pb, Pr, and Y Jacks
Other Spe­cial Fea­tures• Se­cond zone audio and video ope­ra­ti­on.
• Head­pho­ne jack with in­de­pen­dent vo­lu­me con­trol.
• Input se­arch selec­tor that au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly iden­ti­fies which sour­ces are con­nec­ted and the last to be ac­tiva­ted.

• 2 jacks for external IR receivers.
• 3 programmable remote
trigger outputs.
• RS-232 jack for configuring and connection
to external systems.
• All circuit boards are 4-layer, glass-epoxy.
This extra attention to detail guarantees low-noise and prevents the
possibility of “cold” solder joints.
• All connectors in the audio
and video paths are gold-plated to ensure reliable, tight and corroision-resistant
connections.Chassis Dimensions

Width, Height and Depth 17 x 7 x 15.5 inches

(431.8 x 177.8 x 393.7 mm)


Net Weight  24 lbs (10.91 kg)

Shipping Weight  32 lbs (14.55 kg)