Whether you’re an acoustic music enthusiast or an electronic devotee, a professional musician or simply a music lover, one quest is common to all—and that is the pursuit of musical truth.   SVC’s affordable vacuum tube preamplifiers reveal the delicate nuances of musical truth so convincingly they must be heard to be appreciated.   In this endeavor, SVC joins the ranks of many of today’s best known creators of music—performers whose careers rise or fall on sound quality –-who also choose the venerable vacuum tube to power their stage and studio performances.

Our roots extend to an appreciation of one of the original devotees of musical truth, legendary designer Stewart Hegeman. If Hegeman had done nothing else except develop the dome tweeter, his place in audio history would have been assured.   However, in addition to significant theoretical work on transducer dispersion, his accomplishments include the design of the original Dynaco tuner and perhaps most importantly the landmark Harman/Kardon Citation amplifiers and preamplifiers of the 1950s and 60s, vacuum tube as well as solid state.

Hegeman left Harman/Kardon in 1969 to pursue his own interests and to market products under his own name. Unfortunately, he priced his products too low; and the deadly combination of a no hype product approach and low (reputedly negative) margins doomed his enterprise. But not, however, before staking out significant theoretical territory, gaining at least two dedicated disciples, and bringing to market a range of designs that continue to be influential decades later.

Our design team has been inspired by the philosophy of this legendary designer.   Along with SVC’s impressive new technical team, the company’s “dynamic design duo” brings to the table nearly fifty years of combined audio design expertise. There are those who would say that when you buy from SVC you receive reliable, thoroughly engineered components at a great price. And because of the company’s parts buying savvy, we often are able to use better quality parts… yet still sell for less. No wonder we are constantly asked, “How do you do it?” Our factory-assembled SVC components carry a generous 3-year warranty!

Now a word about passion.   In this world of bean-counters and know-nothing factory sales people, how about this as a refreshing change—a value-oriented specialty audio supplier who genuinely cares about its products and dealers as much as its bottom line. We’re a supplier dedicated to delivering maximum value for money.   Sure, sales are vital; it’s the fuel propelling all business and moving it forward. Yet we manage to deal with the financial imperatives while maintaining a clear product focus. We love our chosen occupation, and we pursue each workday in that spirit. (It does make a difference!) We manufacture only home audio, and build for you only those products we would (and do) own for our own home listening.