The SVC C-2 tube mono block amplifier is a Harmon/Kardon Citation II design.  This classic is reborn in 2005-style with top-of-the-line components, hand wiring and state-of-the-art transformer technology.  Reviewers wrote of the original:

„The realism of the virtually distortion-free music was nothing less than startling. Our initial amazement gave way to an easy, relaxed enjoyment that was sustained for hours without a trace of that tension known as listening fatigue.“

This new SVC C-2 will form the heart of a great system in two, three or multi-channel arrangements.


1 pair of fixed level inputs (RCA type) inputs

Triode & Ultralinear output mode switch

4 & 8 Ohm output taps

Detachable power cord with IEC chassis mount receptacle