The SVC C-1 Phono Stage + Preamplifier

The SVC C-1 Phono Stage + Preamplifier is a treat for any audiophile. A close inspection to the detail, build quality and functionality will impress even the most discerning critic. Rare to any component, this linestage has separate Bass and Treble step-type tone controls for each channel.  There is even a Blend control for a center channel!

The controls are completely out of the circuit when in the flat position to eliminate phase shift and transient distortion inherent in all tone controls. Special treble cut contains scratch filter for sharp roll-off without ringing. Each amplification stage is flat over an extremely wide range and is surrounded with a feedback loop. D.C. on all heaters and the use of low noise resistors in critical places are implemented to reduce thermal agitation and hum. Separate turnover and roll-off equalization controls for virtually any combination of record or tape playback equalization curves. Continuously variable blend control acts as a third channel gain control or as a crossfeed control if a center channel is not used. Zero to infinity balance control offering full range and complete cut off for either speaker.

This is an audiophile dream component and will form the heart of a great system in two, three or multi-channel arrangements.